About Us

CAYA is a community, bringing collaboration and creativity together over great coffee. CAYA was born out of a love for good food, great coffee, and a need for an office without the politics, a kitchen table without the procrastination.

Our Story

We are your local speciality coffee shop. With everything you’d expect – exceptional coffee, tasty teas and food from awesome local suppliers.

We are also a co-working space. We created a comfortable space for you to plug in, drink as much coffee and tea as you like and focus throughout the day. No guilt about taking up space, no hunting for plugs, just a relaxed environment to help you focus.

Working remotely. Working for yourself. Working in virtual teams. Working on the move. We get it. You’ve got to work. How and where you do is changing. With us, you can forget about expensive monthly fees, lengthy contracts and all the admin from renting on your own. Just come in, sit down, get on with it. While drinking Brixton’s best coffee of course.

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